Handmade pasta

Our delicious, handmade pasta is available for ordering.

Looking for the perfect compliment to our delicious olive oils? Try our freshly prepared, handmade pasta!

Treat your guests to a wonderful meal served with our incredible, freshly prepared pasta. Our wonderful selection of six types of pasta – linguine, spaghetti, vermicelli, lasagna, rotini and farfalle – are all made-to-order, ready to pick up just in time for your meal!

To order, simply stop by or call us at 850-433-6505.

We can have your pasta ready to pick up at your convenience. We can accommodate both large and small orders. All pasta orders are a flat $6.99/lb.

Want to take it a step further?

If you’re interested in learning how to pair pasta, bread, oils, sauces and wine, sign up for one of our excellent cooking classes upstairs in SoGourmet! We have new classes every week. You’ll be ready to prepare and present gourmet meals like a pro in no time!